The Atheist Agenda

You probably already know this, but we are at war! A war for the heart and soul of our kids! Just like there is a Creator...there is a Deceiver. The Creator comes to bless, guide, and provide. The Deceiver comes to kill, steal, and destroy. They are opposites, but not equals. He who is in you, is greater than he who is in the world.

But most of the people who work for the Deceiver, are unaware of his underlying nefarious motivations. Many of them are under the impression that they are doing something good, something positive. Most are politicians employed by the government, because that's where they will have the greatest negative influence. But to the shock and dismay of many, the second largest division of Satan's Atheistic Army, is the Government mandated and controlled Public School System! But we must remember that our battle is not with our government, or even the government school system. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the Rulers of Darkness, Ephesians 6:12. The government and its many divisions, are simply tools used by the Enemy, to carry out his underhanded Atheist Agenda. Like a prowling lion, he works with every venue you can imagine. The Legacy Media, Social Media, the Entertainment Industry, such as movies, music, pornography, etcetera, as well as other types of political, social, and theological propaganda. But make no mistake, his most effective weapon, is the government mandated and government controlled Public Education System. So let’s take a look, at the Atheist Agenda Timeline.

In 1918, the United States government mandated attendance for all children, at government run public schools. Initially, the idea seemed innocuous and beneficial. Who wouldn't want their kids to learn to read and write? They also offered classes on math, history, geography, and other pertinent topics. Initially, one of the main books used to teach the kids how to read, was the Bible. That seemed to calm the concerns of many of the Christian parents.

Then in 1925, just seven years after the establishment of government mandated school attendance, the

government court system stepped in, to initiate the Atheist agenda. At the "Scopes Monkey Trial," the court system ruled that the Theory of Evolution, was more scientifically accurate than Creationism, and it soon superseded the Biblical account of origins, as recorded in the Book of Genesis. And though the Theory of Evolution has been thoroughly discredited, it is still taught in science classrooms, all across America, to this day.

They soon initiated "homework," to further reduce the time that the parents could spend with their children. The government then controlled 80% of the child's daytime hours, and their Worldview.

Then in 1963, they took the next so-called "logical" step, removal of prayer from the public schools. In their mind, if evolution is a fact, and the Bible is "mythology," then they certainly could not condone prayer, to some mythological character.

That was quickly followed by the Sexual Revolution, the Illegal Drug Epidemic, and finally in 1973, the legalization of child murder (abortion).

The government then initiated Sex Education into the curriculum, to further undermine your parental authority to guide your children's moral foundations, and congruently maintain income for the abortion mills.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion factory, soon convinced the government, that they should be able to take your child out of the classroom, murder their unborn babies, and return them back to school, all without the knowledge or permission of the parents. Many of the victims of Planned Parenthood are legally children; they can't even drive a car. Some of them don't survive the abortion, and bleed to death in their bedroom, because the parents were left in the dark, and not notified, that their child had just undergone a dangerous medical procedure. Most states have Parental Notification Laws, but have loopholes like the so-called, “opt out clauses,” that allow Planned Parenthood to kill unborn children, and harvest their body parts, because they supposedly could not locate the child’s parents.

Then in the early 1990s, their next step was to actually encourage premarital sex, by providing free condoms to the students, without the parent’s consent or knowledge.

And now in 2021, we have Gender Reassignment. Without parental permission or notification, they can take your children to gender reassignment clinics, where they secretly administer gender altering hormone therapy. Watch as they turn Dick, into Jane. Run Dick run!

Next we have the illustrious sixteen nineteen Project, where they completely rewrite the American history legacy, into a racist horror story.

And finally, my personal favorite, Critical Race Theory. It is the promotion of Hyper-Racism, in the guise of fighting white supremacy. If you are white, you are racist. If you are anything other than white, you are oppressed.  It is quite literally the most dangerous, ludicrous, and divisive literature, to ever be printed in America, and it is being forced upon our children, in the government controlled Public Indoctrination System.  In reality, your race is a moot point. We should neither be proud, nor ashamed of our race. Since we had nothing to do with the process of what race we are, we should simply be content. God determined your race, accept it, be grateful, and move on.

So that’s the basic Atheist Agenda Timeline. And to think that it all started only one hundred years ago. I know someone who is one hundred and four years old. It all started, when he was in diapers. Time flies when you're having fun. But war is not fun. War is hell. Atheism, is hell. Indoctrination, is hell.

Make no mistake, the war is real, and you must decide if you will be a Warrior, or a casualty.

Times a wasting Soldier.  There’s no honor, waiting to see what happens next. Enlist today, before the war is over, and we lose it all.