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Sir Christopher ( Application )

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Sir Christopher

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Sir Christopher ( Application )

1) Character Name: Sir Christopher

2) Level: 5

3) Race: High Elf

4) Class: Templar

5) Previous guilds and gaming experience? Why did you leave that guild?
I have been apart of many guilds throught the years.
I don't usually leave guilds, however the guilds I have been in tend die out due to new releases.

6) Normal playing schedule. What time zone do you live in?
Would you be able to attend raids?
Currently living in Kuwait (UTC+03:00) Kuwait, Riyadh.
Yes I will be able to attend raids, however at an extreme inconvenience depending on how late they start.

7) Can you be on Voice comms and do you own a microphone? Will you use it?
Yes, Yes, and Yes

8) Do you have anyone in The Guardians who could vote for your Application?

9) How long have you been playing MMOs?
I recently turned 26 and have been playing MMORPGs for as long as I can remember.
I have played :
Ascheron's Call
Anarchy Online
Dark Age of Camelot
Acheron's Call 2
Guild Wars
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars 2
Dungeons and Dragons MMO
and many others through out the years to include other MMORPGs, RTS, RPG, and FPS.

10) Can you say your computer and connection is stable enough that you are reliable and not subjected to 400+ ping and constant crashes?
In my current condition there are very few days that I have an issue but it is possible.
I am in Kuwait serving as an Air Traffic Controller in the U.S. Army and I am at the whims of the company providing internet services.
However, at home I have a stable 150 mbps connection.

11) Please tell us why you want to join our guild. What do you expect out of joining us (at least 1 paragraph)?
Why? I have been a part of many guilds and clans and have been awaiting the release of ESO for many years.
I plan to play ESO for years to come.
Being able to join this newly formed guild in the earliest of stages will allow me the opportunity to aid in the sculpting of one of the finest and oldest guilds within the ESO community.
The guild seems to strive in focusing its efforts into PvP which I also desire.
A community within any MMO to me is almost a necessity.
While joining early I hope to be able to assist in the recruitment of other valued players.
I enjoy aiding community members who love the forums in creating Signatures for them, while also aiding the website with graphics if able.
I eventually would like the opportunity to become an officer of the guild. accepting any and all required responsibilities and duties, but I won't ever press the matter.


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Re: Sir Christopher ( Application )

Hey we would love to have you on board. PM me when you get a chance in game! I'm @dubrio, I'll also try to get a hold of you

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