Counter Intelligence

One of our viewers asked me the other day if there was scientific evidence for the existence of God. Great question, I suppose in many ways, it’s the ultimate question!

 If you want scientific evidence, it's all around you, but there is not enough evidence, for someone who does not want, to believe. If you are a genuine seeker of truth, here is some evidence for you to ponder.

#1) The Big Bang. What caused it? I say God, science says it created itself from nothing? That denies all known established laws of science and logic.

#2) Our Providential Planet Earth. Perfect location from sun, perfect balance of water and land, perfect balance of plants vs animals for oxygen, our electromagnetic field allows in the heat of the sun, but shields us from its harmful radiation.

#3) Human exceptionalism. Humans are created by God to fellowship with Him. We have creativity, morals and a complex form of communication. No animals even come close.

#4) Abiogenesis. The Origin of the first living cell is impossible, without some sort of intervention. Non-living chemicals have no "motivation" to form life. If it's possible, why have we never witnessed abiogenesis in the lab or nature, and why can't we "recreate" the process?

#5) The complex interconnected laws of physics. The so-called Scientific explanation of the Big Bang is Multiverses and String Theory. But it "luckily" included (by chance) the Speed of Light, E=MC2, molecular adhesion, and 200 other physical laws? To believe that all the laws of physics popped into existence from an explosion, is a fairy tale beyond credulity. It is conjecture, in its most gullible and deceptive form.

#6)  Deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is the most complex molecule known. It self-generated? Literally impossible. Each living cell contains the entity's entire genome, an actual numeric code, denoting a Code Writer. Complexity in design, and from the information it contains.

And finally,

#7) Some say they have evidence for The Theory of Evolution. I can give you several insurmountable issues with the Theory Of Evolution.

Science says the mechanism for the theory of evolution is (A) Time, (B) Chance, (C) Mutation, and (D) Natural Selection. Are those explanations valid?

A) Time: If the universe is 13.8 billion years old, and the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and life started on earth 3.5 billion years ago, that's not enough time.

B) Chance: Chance is just "dumb luck," and does not qualify as "science."

C) Mutations: Mutations are rare and almost always negative. In a mutation, you LOSE genetic info, not gain. And almost all mutations are not passed on to next generation.

D) Natural Selection: Natural Selection (Darwin's Pet Theory), has absolutely no mechanism to cause a bacteria to human transformation, no matter how much time you give it. Natural Selection only causes a species to adapt to its environment. There is nothing in the process that allows species to species transformation. There is no paleontological evidence either. The fossil record shows the opposite of evolution. Look up the Cambrian Explosion. Thousands of species and body plans explode onto the scene, with no biological ancestors of any kind.

So the evidence for Creation overwhelmingly points to a Creator. But it's not just who is right. There are consequences for our worldview. We believe that God created the universe, life and even mankind. God's purpose in creating us was to have a family of people that He calls His children, to fellowship with them and provide for them. Once that relationship is formed, He fills them with His Spirit and calls them to share His Light and Love with others. He designed a test called Life, and gives each person a measure of Faith and an allotted time to waste, spend or invest. He set forth a series of standards or morals to guide us along the path of purity. He started with ten basic commandments and a system of redemption. At a time of His choosing, He sent His own Son, Jesus, to Earth to provide an eternal portal to Home. To receive the Gift of Forgiveness and Eternal Life, all the Father requires of you is to believe and confess Jesus is Lord. When your time on Earth is up, you are appointed to stand before Him and give an account of what you did with Jesus, and your measure of Faith. Are you ready?

Evidence is only valid for the seeker, seek the Creator with your whole heart, and you will find what you are looking for!