Professor Snarky

For those of you who prefer a more "in-your-face" defense, we present Professor Snarky:

I hate to tell you this, but I am dying. Even more so, I hate to tell you, that you too are dying. Even the universe is dying. That’s the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Its commonly called, entropy.

Entropy is the scientific law that causes everything to wind down, or go from complexity to simplicity. Everything we know, from stars to humans, is subject to this most powerful scientific law of physics. It’s why our sun is burning out. It’s why monuments like the Greek Colosseum are falling apart. It’s why bananas turn black. It’s why you and I, will return to the dust, from whence we came. It is the most basic and fundamental law of physics, and it drives the universe, and every cell in your body.

But entropy is an enigma to evolutionary biologists. They insist that the only thing not subject to entropy, is life itself. They have no evidence for their supposition, just an opinion.

They reject the biblical account of creation, and embrace the bizarre theories of the big bang and abiogenesis, because that’s what their worldview demands. A worldview, is simply the lens from which you view the world. So if your worldview is tainted by scientific error you were taught in grade school, everything you see, will be viewed from that perspective.

So if you embrace the antiquated theory of Darwinian evolution, you will see the fossil record from that viewpoint. The creationist on the other hand, sees the fossil record from a completely different perspective. The less complex species are found deeper in the fossil record, because the genesis account of creation, says that God created the simpler forms of life first. No need to deny science, or the law of entropy. The creationist has no issue with events like the Cambrian explosion, because it coincides with the biblical account. In-explicable explosions of life, like the cambrian event, that have no biological evolutionary ancestors, leave the Darwinian paleontologists scratching their head.

Many scientists do the same thing when you bring up the theory of the big bang. Everything came from nothing? That’s your theory of the origin of the universe? Ask them for evidence. They reach into their empty pockets, pull out the pocket lining, and stare at you with a blank look on their face, reminiscent of a dying squirrel. That gaze quickly morphs into anger, as they realize that their million dollar grant from Yale, just turned into dust.

Be careful bringing any of these issues to their attention. We don’t want their brain freeze to cause an aneurism. But you must persist. You must get them to address abiogenesis. That’s their incredulous theory that life evolved from non-living chemicals. Ask them to explain the process. Make sure they have an extra set of underwear, They will need it. Look for facial ticks, as they attempt to sell you on their version of the emperor’s new clothes.

You must remember, to defend their position, the Darwinians will always stoop to sesquipadalian-ism, which is the use of big words, to attempt to talk over your head. If you catch them talking ad infinitum lasso their big head, and pull them back to earth. Stick a pin in their enormous cranium, and it will pop like a balloon, because there just full of hot air. All their pet theories go flying out the window as soon as you ask them to make their fantasies a reality. In other words, show me the money. I don’t want to hear your rhetoric, show me a cell membrane, that developed on its own, without you intervening as some sort of god-like facilitator. You claim that it happened, all by itself, so show me that in real time. Right now. In-situ. Now you have a scientist who has the dreaded deer in the headlights syndrome. He is paralyzed by your brazen logic. You have called him on the carpet, and after fumbling for words, his only option is a face planting confession. The agony of defeat. What happens next, is gut wrenching, and can only be considered a pleasant experience, by unempathetic sociopaths. To see the blood rush from their face, as they realize that you caught them with their hand in the cookie jar with their pants down, is quite unsettling. You can see the beads of sweat starting to appear on their brow, as they try to get their mouth to form words, as they simultaneously try to find a response, hidden in the dark recesses of their brain. Recognizing their lack of ammunition, instead of a confession of ignorance, they resort to the most base human response, lying. They continue to state theory as fact, as they back peddle on the scientific foundation of their fairy tales. It is truly a sight to behold. Cringeworthy yes, but oddly satisfying. I hate to admit that! I guess that makes me a bit of a sociopath, but hey, I am human, and I have my faults too. I guess it goes back to the fact that I have a major problem with bullies, and liars, especially when you combine both attributes, and call it science.

So to summarize, the current plate of putrid scientific trash, being presented to you as a gourmet meal, is as follows.

#1) The Big Bang. That fairy tale defies true observable science, because you can’t get something from nothing. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence. Their account is bankrupt, and the bank is closed.

#2) Abiogenesis. That fairy tale defies true observable science, because it is not happening now. Why not? If abiogenesis was possible, it should be occurring right in front of our faces. We cannot even reproduce life in our billion dollar laboratories, let alone, see it happen all by itself.

And finally, #3) the theory of Darwinian evolution. That fairy tale defies true observable science, because it simply has no scientific verifiable mechanism, for bacteria to human transformation. Time, chance, mutation, and natural selection, cannot overcome the power and reality of entropy.

Like I said, its all based on your worldview. Setting my tongue-in-cheek, yet antagonistically accurate defense aside, i suggest that you take off the draconian blinders of grade school science, and you will not find nature, you will find creation.

Turn down the screaming rhetoric of academia, and you will hear the voice of your Creator.

The gigantic piece of the puzzle that you are missing, the mysterious cause of the big bang, the Chemist of abiogenesis, and the designer of life, is God!

He is real, He is here, and He loves you with an everlasting love, and He beckons you home.

Stand firm on the truth. Stand firm on biblical scientific creation. Modify your worldview, and embrace your Creator!