I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand home owners associations. I guess most of them aren’t too bad, but sometimes, they overstep their boundaries. A while back, I lived in a neighborhood that had an HOA that was headed by the Gestapo. They sent me a citation that said I painted my house the wrong color. So I had to repaint the whole house. And as soon as I did, I put that baby up for sale.

Some people just can’t handle power. They think, now that I’m in control, I’m going to make everybody do what I think is best. No discussion, no communication, do as I say, or it’s off with your head!

Most forms of government are like that. A democracy or a republic is best.  Socialism is bad, because that often leads to Communism, which leads to totalitarianism. That’s where the government rules every aspect of your life. They even try to manipulate and control your thoughts, through propaganda. Issues like free speech are frowned upon bigtime, and any dissenting voices are immediately censored. It's not living, it’s just existing. It’s an atheistic dictatorship, because the foundation of every communist regime, has been atheism. They may allow you to go to church, but the church is run by the government, and everything the government touches, becomes corrupt.

So totalitarianism is literally thee worst form of government. But what if you currently have a democracy, but the people in charge, want to stay in charge, by turning it into a dictatorship. How would they go about that? Most of the time, it’s one piece at a time. If they want to eat your lunch, they take a small bite, every time you’re not paying attention. Before you know it, your freedom is gone. And once it’s gone, there’s no way to get it back, because the dictators have devised a system to keep you suppressed. They have slowly eaten away your freedoms, and now you have no regress. If they control all aspects of the government, including the military and the court system, then its game over.

We see this in not only the typical divisions of government, but also in other aspects of our daily lives. The traditional media, as well as social media and big tech, have all aligned with big government, to form, you guessed it, big brother.

But the atheist agenda runs much deeper than you think. Its creepy little hands are also attempting to indoctrinate your children. In 1918, the government mandated that your children attend public school. They promoted the idea as being all beneficial, no downsides. But that was just their foot in the door. The majority of your homeowners’ taxes, go to fund the big public school machine. If you don’t pay them their ransom, they take away your house. And you thought you lived in America? Sorry pal, that America, disappeared decades ago.

But the atheist agenda in the school system runs much deeper than that. They are like a submarine, run silent, run deep. And just like a Russian submarine, there intention is to sneak up on you and sink your ship. But remember, their tactic is to eat your lunch, one small bite at a time. So they take your kids away from you, five days a week, and they claim that they are educating them, when in reality, they are indoctrinating them. Nowadays it’s the sixteen nineteen Project, and Critical Race Theory. Like I said, that’s not education, that’s indoctrination.

But the atheist agenda goes well beyond social studies. It is firmly entrenched in the science classroom. Atheism is undeniably a religion, and it is the religion of choice, for most science teachers. Day in, and day out, they force feed their doctrine to your children, through the government temple, the mandated school system. Their catechism is shoved down your kid’s throat, the minute they walk into any science class. The dogma of atheism, is the very root of Darwinian Evolution. Their mantra is, time, chance, random mutations, and natural selection. Your child is forced to pledge allegiance to that flag, of the united state of atheism.

Children, repeat after me, god did not create the universe, it created itself. Your parents may believe the bible, but the bible says that God created the universe. But we know better. We have science on our side. What your parents believe, is myth, and superstition. Day in, day out, repeat after me, yada, yada, yada.

So they have science on their side, right? Wrong! Every one of their godless theories have no evidence to back them up. Literally nothing. So what is there about time, chance, random mutations, and natural selection, that can turn bacteria, into humans? Nothing. There is no mechanism in the Darwinian theory of evolution, that even comes close to explaining that process. Not even close. And don’t let them deceive you with technical issues like DNA. They claim that you are 90% chimpanzee. They are right. But you are also 80% sunflower. All living things have DNA. And DNA is a software program, that determines the makeup of every one of your cells. DNA is the program that determines what, and who, you are. Blue eyes? Check! Brown hair? Check! But just like a software program is made up of two programming units, ones and zeros, your DNA is made up of 4 programming units, instead of two. So if all living things are made from their DNA, and all living things share those four programming units, then all living things will be similar. DNA is not evidence for evolution, on the contrary, its complexity, and source of information, indicates a design, a divine programmer if you will.

But not only is this so-called theory of evolution bankrupt of any evidence, it can’t hold a candle to Abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the foundation of evolution, because it is the ridiculous theory, that the first living cell, developed from non-living chemicals. Just like the uncaused big bang and evolution, the theory of abiogenesis is also devoid of a shred of evidence. Nothing but atheistic theories, and that’s religion, not science. That’s dogma, not facts. That’s indoctrination, not education.

So my advice is to get your kids out of the public schools system at all costs. If that’s not an option, get a copy of their science books, and help your kids see the parts that are erroneous propaganda. Get on the school board, and fight the atheistic agenda. It’s the foundation of socialism, of communism, of totalitarianism. Don’t buy what they’re selling. They’ve turned the house of learning, into a den of thieves. It’s time we turn over the money changers tables and take the school system back from the Gestapo, and give it back to the people.


Don’t worry, don’t fret, but don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Rise up and defend your children, by defending the truth!