There are many misunderstandings in science and biology. A real common myth of science is, that we only use 10% of our brain’s true capacity. Not true. That myth is based on the fact that only 10% of our brain, the gray matter, is designed for processing thought. The so-called white matter, makes up the other 90%, and its job is to simply support the gray matter.  So claiming 90% of our brain is unused, is like saying you are wasting your banana, when you throw away the peal. 

So stop for a second. Stopping… is another scientific misunderstanding.  We never, ever stop. At any given moment, the earth is rotating one thousand miles per hour at the equator. But that’s nothing compared to our galaxy. The Milky Way is hurtling through space at an astounding one point three million, yes million, miles per hour. Thank God for gravity!

Plus, we don’t even know what a second is. We chop time up into years, months, days, hours and seconds, but we absolutely don’t even know what time is, or why it seems to only travel forward.

So we are living in a world of unsolved mysteries. But as human beings, we don’t like mysteries. On the contrary, we like to solve mysteries. And as humans, we like to get credit for solving those mysteries. Scientists are especially guilty of this. They love to get their accolades from fellow scientists, because they’re no different than a rock star. It leads to fame and fortune. And we all love fortune, don’t we? Scientists can win millions of dollars from awards like the Nobel Prize, or win grants from our government for even more than that.

Many times, those prizes and grants are for fallacious work. Long after the money is spent, many scientific theories turn out to be just that, theories. Not substantiated fact, just vacuous theories that led nowhere, and benefited no one.

So there are still many mysteries in science. Science still has far more questions, than answers. But the one that I love the most, is the iconic question, what came first, the chicken, or the egg? This is the one that I find the most entertaining. I love to see so-called celebrity scientists, like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, the science guy, making a fool of themselves, attempting to prove their fantasy theories. Tyson and Nye, claim that they know for a fact, that the egg came first. It just wasn’t laid by a chicken. The egg’s parent was a duck! It’s called the hopeful monster theory. The theory claims that some species didn’t technically evolve, new species occasionally just pop out of the womb, at random. Really? Do you honestly think that debunked theory solves the mystery?

That’s like saying you know what time is, because you have a watch. A watch may tell you what time it is, but it doesn’t define time, or describe how it functions.

So the scientific conundrum still flies in the face of the sophomoric theories of amateur philosophers. You cannot have a chicken egg, unless something laid it, such as, I don’t know, maybe a chicken? Remember, we have never ever seen an egg pop out of any bird, that was not the exact same species as its parent.  But just like an egg needs a mother to lay it, and a father to fertilize it, those two parents, had to come from, an egg.

But Tyson and Nye’s silly answer, actually avoids the question all together. Their so-called answer, is just a rabbit trail, or a red herring.

The question of, what came first, the chicken or the egg, is obviously asking, What is the origin of life? Not what animal came along, defied all known biological law, and laid an egg that was different from its own species. Not to mention the fact, that their imaginary egg, would have had to come in pairs, one blue, and pink. What an amazing coincidence! Some crazy imaginary bird, just happened to lay two eggs, that were a completely different species from their parents, and luckily, one just happened to be a male, and as fate would have it, the other was a female. That’s so sweet! And they fell in love, and lived happily ever after!

I’m, sorry, that’s not science. That’s a fairy tale, wrapped up in magic, and sold as science.

It’s lipstick on a pig. Fairy tales don’t turn foolish theories into fact, anymore than lipstick turns a pig, into a fashion model.

So just like the hopeful monster is bad science so is an uncaused universe. The Big Bang is just the cosmological version of the unsubstantiated hopeful monster theory. They teach that the universe just popped into existence, all by itself. They also embrace abiogenesis. That’s the unsubstantiated theory, that life sprang into existence from a rock, from non-living chemicals. And then we have their most favorite fable, Darwinian Evolution. That’s what caused bacteria, to morph, into you. That’s right folks, given enough time… random mutations and natural selection, can transform Miss Piggy, into Heidi Klum. So step right up, swallow the blue pill and go back to sleep. We’ll take care of all that complicated science stuff for you.

Never you mind about the facts, throw logic down the toilet, and just eat this arsenic laden scientific gourmet meal that we have prepared for you. Oh, and wash it down with this delicious Kool-Aid. Yum Yum.

No thanks, I’m getting of this merry-go-round. I’m going back to logic, and what makes sense. If science can’t even explain where life came from, why should I believe their other goofball theories? Most of their theories, are not just illogical, they’re downright ridiculous. Universes popping into existence all by themselves? Life starting on a dead planet, from a rock? Life then evolving from bacteria, into people?

That’s not just goofy, that’s insanity!

So why are people so willing to embrace such obviously manipulative propaganda? Because they don’t like the alternative. In the beginning, God. They just don’t like the ramifications. If God created the universe, and ultimately mankind, that means that I need to live by His standards. Just like nature abhors a vacuum, science abhors reality. Hey, all I’m asking you to do is, stop for a second, if that’s possible, and think. Think this whole thing through. Why is science trying to sell you a bill of goods. Why the sleight of hand? Why all the bravado and misleading propaganda?

It’s just plain old deception, and the deception is spiritual in nature. It all comes down to your worldview. Atheists like Tyson and Nye, are on a quest. It is their obsession to rid the world of faith. But who has the evidence? Certainly not the atheists. I adjure you my friend, to come back to reality. Swallow the red pill, and let God open your eyes: Science is not the study of nature, it is the study of, Creation!

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